6 Most Important Strategies To Winning A Poker Game

Unlike other gambling games, poker does not just involve luck. A high level of skill, knowledge of poker games, and the ability to read people are key components to winning money. These six strategies are surefire ways to a string of wins at the game of poker.

Notice Players’ Tells Pre-flop
When opponents are dealt their pocket cards, two cards in Texas Hold’em, don’t immediately look at your pocket. Instead, pay attention to your opponents’ faces and look for tells to estimate the value of their hands. In this early game strategy, your opponents can’t discern any tells from you because you make none.

Value Bet and Avoid Bluffing
Bluffing can work well when used wisely, but avoid doing it most of the time. It is a volatile strategy. Make value bets instead. In other words, bet when you have strong hands, making the amount of the bet proportionate to the strength of you hand. Unless you are a pro player, it is wise to play it safe, rarely bluffing and only betting and calling when your hand has winning potential.

Know When to Back Down
Don’t make foolish decisions. Only call when your hand is high or you have a decent draw. Unless you know a certain player bluffs frequently, consider their bet as a sign of confidence in their hand. Remember that folding is not losing, it’s backing out of a fight you can’t win while saving your strength for later.

Know Your Opponents
If you play cards frequently with the same group of people, analyzing and knowing your opponents will drastically improve your skills and chances of winning. Always pay attention to what hands they call with and bet with. When playing your friends, ask them to show their hands that they folded or bluffed with. Some people are willing to reveal their strategies so you should always ask when possible. Take this tip even further and create a written profile of everyone you frequently play. Log their decisions and strategies, and try to notice patterns in their behavior.

Remember That Poker is a Psychological Game
Poker games are not all about luck. The more you know about the probabilities of winning hands and have a solid knowledge of human social behavior the more likely you are to win. Don’t make it obvious what hand you have, and never reveal your strategy. You want to appear as an enigma. It is crucial that your opponents never know your strategies. If they do, you are faced with either being constantly predicted, so you’d have to switch strategies from time to time.

Be Consistent
As long as you keep these simple tactics in mind and constantly practice them, there will be a noticeable improvement in your winnings. Remember to not be reckless, but patient and rational. Don’t think you’re on a lucky streak because you’ve won a giant pot. No matter if you’re up or down, remain consistent in your strategy and employ these tactics.

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