How to Stay Entertained Between Sports Seasons

How to Stay Entertained Between Sports SeasonsEvery sports fan knows what it is like to suffer with boredom in the lull between the seasons. Football and basketball simply do not stretch far enough to cover the entire year. Baseball is great, but if you are not a true fan there is only so much baseball you can watch. There are 162 games in the 2013 Major League Baseball season, spread over six months. That is basically a game every day. It is alright, but it is not enough for people who enjoy action.


Free Bets


Gambling is a way to bring the sport of the game into the home. Do not gamble for the money, but for the fun. All free bets are good bets; keep it light and fun. It is not about winning or losing, but about being part of the game.


Other Interesting Sports


The other major sports are more than enough to keep fans involved. There is every sort of racing, many different types of boxing and mixed martial arts combat, and soccer. Let us not forget the WNBA either.




Soccer is probably the most interesting. The American soccer season runs from March to October. There are some amazing American teams. But the world stage is where the real soccer action is. Countries outside America go wild for soccer. It is a real treat to watch the effort that fans will put in to support their team. Soccer is a very enjoyable and relaxing sport to watch. Most Americans know the rules from their time in elementary school. It is a low scoring game, with an emphasis on strategy. That means that people can dive into it and study every move, or they can wander in and out until the last ten minutes. Both approaches are exciting.


WNBA Basketball


The WNBA also provides some great sports action in the off season of the regular NBA. The league is full of breakout stars who deliver top notch performances. They are competing, not only with each other, but with the NBA. This drives them to give it their all. There are fewer WNBA teams than NBA, but when it comes to great athletic performances they are equal. The WNBA season starts on May 24th, conveniently opposite the NBA.


Racing Sports


A day at the races can be a lot of fun, especially if you like to place free bets on the outcome. No matter where you live in America there is a racing track near you. It does not matter if it is cars, horses, or greyhounds when you are just looking for an afternoon of diversion.

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