The Most Popular Cats on the Internet Today

If you are a cat owner, then you’ve probably posted your share of cat photos or shared a few videos of your cat and its antics on YouTube or other social media sites. If you’re not a cat owner but have friends or family who are, you’re probably familiar with their cats as well. Cat photos and images have been a staple on social media for years, but, for some reason or other, there are cats that actually become famous on the Internet. So who are these cats, and what memes have been created out of their funny faces and antics? Let’s find out.

  • Tardar Sauce, the ‘Grumpy Cat’

With a name like Tardar Sauce, it’s no wonder this grumpy cat has become popular. But what sets ‘Tard’ (as she is also known) apart from other cats is her unique, funny frown. She has quite a distinctive frown, giving her a look of dissatisfaction that is hard to resist. Photos of Tard have circulated the Internet thousands of times, and they’re particularly popular with captions such as ‘I tried to have fun once. It was awful.’ Tardar Sauce has become so popular that she now has a film on the works.

  • Colonel Meow

With a name like that – Colonel Meow, no less – it’s hard not to like this adorable cat. But we don’t know if ‘adorable’ is really the right way to describe this cat, because he could be mistaken for the long lost brother of Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat. The funny aspect about Colonel Meow is his look of displeasure – and this, coupled with tufts of long grey hair around his face, makes Colonel Meow look fierce and displeased indeed.

  • Lil Bub the cat

Whilst we’re all familiar with beautiful cats, from grey ones to long-haired ones and more, there’s something cute (and unique) about Lil Bub the cat that we can’t help but be amazed. What makes Lil Bub different is that she is a dwarf cat – she has dwarfism, and this makes her look very special indeed. With her short legs, pink tongue (which sticks out in every single picture), and big eyes, Lil Bub has captured the hearts of thousands.

  • Maru

Now Maru is what you would definitely call an adorable cat. She is an irresistible little darling from Japan, whose owners have been posting videos of her on the Internet. Needless to say, Maru has her own YouTube channel, with videos featuring this feline doing some really cute things. But her most popular videos always feature Maru trying to squeeze herself into boxes – and usually, the smaller the box, the funnier the video.

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