Top favorite teams in 2014’s World Cup

2014 is a very exciting year for football supporters. Next June, after 4 long years of waiting, the 20th World Cup is going to take place in Brazil keeping millions of fans all over the world with bated breath for over a month. After the 8 groups have been formed, the question on everyone’s mind is: which team is going to win the next World Cup? Here are the top favorite teams for 2014.

  • Spain

2014’s World Cup predictions sites like indicate that Spain is one of the top favorite teams in the championship. Spain is the defending champion and will surely do all it can to gain the Cup for the second time in a row: their team is full of talents such as Casillas, Iniesta and Ramos, but their lack of goals can be a problem during the World Cup.

  • Brazil

The host team is very likely to gain the first place in Group A against Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon and have good chances to win the trophy on home soil in front of their fans with a team of young and excellent players like Neymar, Hulk and Thiago Silva. They have always been one of the all-time favorites and they’re the only team to have always participated in the world cup editions.

  • Argentina

Argentina has probably lived in the shadow of Brazil for too long, but this year it might be one of the strongest opponents in the championship. With impressive strikers like Messi and Higuain, the team has a very dangerous attack, but also the skills and local knowledge – which should not be underestimated – to beat their rivals. There are also many talks about the fact that no European team has ever won the World Cup trophy in South American soil, so in this case Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are the top favorites to consider.

  • Germany

Germany is a very versatile team and has the ability of playing and scoring in different types of matches. The strength of the German team is not only to be found in great players such as Neuer, Muller or Ozil, but in their team work and in their spirit and willingness to never give up and fight for victory.

  • Italy

You never know what to expect from Italy. Many experts think it has great chances to win the next World Cup, even though the team has been very unpredictable throughout the years with a lot of ups and downs. However, they have a perfect combination of new talents, such as Balotelli and Di Natale and experienced players like Pirlo that can really make a difference in this championship.

  • France

France has to play against Ecuador, Honduras and Switzerland in group E to get in the real game in the 2014’s World Cup and it should not be difficult for them to win. But can they make it to the final? Les Bleus have very good football players to count on, young and experienced talents such as Ribery, Abidal and Lloris who will give other teams a hard time.

  • Netherlands

Netherlands might want to get its revenge after losing the final match against Spain in 2010. It may not be considered one of the toughest teams in the championship, but it has always cause havoc during tournaments. Maher, Sneijder and Van Persie will definitely try their best to win this time and make football fans change their mind since they have never won a world cup championship.

  • Uruguay

Last but not least, football teams taking part in the 20th World Cup this year should pay attention to another South American team, Uruguay, that counts on a fine group of players and a very strong attack thanks to the teamwork of Cavani and Suarez. 

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