Single-sport betting advice

Gambling in Canada is a sticky situation. Right now Bill C-290 is stuck in administrative limbo with sporting leagues, like the NHL, coming out in opposition of passing legislation that will allow for single sports betting. However, the benefits of the passage of said bill outweigh the negatives markedly and with any luck the bill […]

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Gambling and Gender

Since the turn of the 20th century, the defined gender roles of the past have become distinctly more blurred. Whilst, once upon a time, activities and hobbies were definitively separated into male and female pursuits, today, people are now able to explore their interests regardless of what gender they may be. This had led to many […]

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Bingo birthday party

Earlier this month, my daughter was going to turn 10. We wanted to throw a nice party, but keep it low key at the same time. After tossing a bunch of ideas, I settled down for a bingo themed party. I play bingo at New Look Bingo- an online bingo site, and it suddenly dawned […]

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Hiding Your Tells In Poker

Every good poker player must be self-aware; that means realising all your opponents are watching you just as you should be watching them. What are people looking for in your behaviour to make their decisions on? Most people know what a ‘tell’ is, simply put it’s a reaction to the action on the table or […]

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Scratch Card Tips And Tricks

Nowadays, one can buy practically anything online from books, beauty products, groceries, software, clothes, gadgets to scratch cards.  A scratch card is a ticket made from cardboard with different symbols hidden beneath a silver rubberized coating. Buyers would typically use coins or small objects to scratch off portions of the ticket to reveal the hidden […]

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