Single-sport betting advice

Gambling in Canada is a sticky situation. Right now Bill C-290 is stuck in administrative limbo with sporting leagues, like the NHL, coming out in opposition of passing legislation that will allow for single sports betting. However, the benefits of the passage of said bill outweigh the negatives markedly and with any luck the bill will be passed in the not too distance future. This is despite the stance of the NHL, the largest sports league in Canada, whose support of the bill would have seen it become law a long time ago. In a country where people have proven themselves to be impartial to placing a bet, surely it makes much sounder sense to allow customers to bet in a safe online environment than on the black market when their bets are not secure, especially now with it being the NHL playoffs?

Working on the assumption that single-sport betting will come to Canada, here are some tips to make the most of it, giving you the best chance of making money.

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Do your research

You will never win any money if you don’t do adequate research. Taking ice hockey as an example, you should never bet blind. You need to know exactly who is on the injury list and who the form sides are. A rational place to start are betting websites’ news sections, such as These types of places provide both insightful sports news as well as vital betting news.

Also, once, or if, single sports betting does become legal in Canada, you can expect to see an influx of betting companies enter the market, all of which will offer enticing offers for new customers. It is good practice to shop around and look at all those in the marketplace. In theory you want to bet with the company that offers you, the customer, the best value for money. It may be that they offer you a depositor-matcher or enhanced odds for new customers, either way make sure you find out.

Take advantage of in-play

If Canada is going to follow down a similar path to Britain then it seems only logical that in-play betting will arrive in North America. In-play can lead to easy winning. Always keep an eye out for what action is going down when you log in to your account.

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Another hugely popular feature of online betting in the UK is the cash-out feature. It would be highly unlikely that this does not filter through to Canadian gambling. Cashing out is hugely beneficial if you have an accumulator on, allowing you to take your money and run before the end of play. This is advantageous if one of your bets are holding a precarious lead and look likely to slip up. Some profit is better than no profit.

Bet smart

Just because it may become legal does not mean that your playing style should change. You can still get stung pretty bad so make sure you are not betting more than you can afford.

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