Bingo birthday party

Earlier this month, my daughter was going to turn 10. We wanted to throw a nice party, but keep it low key at the same time. After tossing a bunch of ideas, I settled down for a bingo themed party. I play bingo at New Look Bingo- an online bingo site, and it suddenly dawned on me, why not a bingo party? She was going to B10 (if you know what I’m alluding to) and what could be better than a bingo themed party? Irrespective of the age, everybody loves the game of bingo.

We didn’t have a big budget. Coming up with something that is fun and doesn’t pinch our pockets was quite a task!

We decided to tweak the game a bit. Thankfully, my daughter has only 5 letters in her name ‘AMAYA’. So instead of putting ‘BINGO’ in the card, we planned to go with her name. I send out the invites with bingo themed cards that had details like: time, address, RSVP and other such details. The card looked spectacular to the last detail. I ensured B10 stood out. We just loved it. And most importantly Amaya loved it.

We decided to throw the party at our backyard which was decorated with the bingo theme. We also hired a magician, something kids absolutely love! With barbecue, pools, marshmallows, and of course bingo games, the party turned out to be perfect. In fact better than what we expected.

For the game, we decided to tweak it a bit. The cards had Amaya’s name. The first person to cover the numbers, would shout out ‘Amaya’ instead of ‘Bingo’. It was a funny twist to the fun game. But the kids loved it.

After the game and dip in the pool, it was time to cut the cake. And guess what? We got a Raspberry flavoured bingo cake. It was huge and scrummy. She loved it. The evening ended with a lip-smacking BBQ dinner.

So this was all about my daughter’s B10 birthday bash. Thankfully, all the effort did not go wasted. I had my doubts, but I’m glad it worked out better than my expectations. We wanted the party to be memorable and see that BIG smile on Amaya’s face. If you too are looking for a birthday party for your kids, try something similar. I bet, you won’t regret it.

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